Week 8 – Starting Over – In More Ways Than One!

I know I’m in the right place now.  Before I ever watched the Week 7 Webinar Replay, I had been working on “forgiveness” all week!  I was having a tough week and memories of people who had hurt me kept coming into my head.  I knew it wasn’t good to dwell on, so I was doing my best to forgive them in my mind.  I did so even as it was happening, which was very difficult to do!  I can’t give details, but imagine you give someone a gift of lovely chocolate and then an acquaintance at the party immediately presents their own chocolate gift to that person,  loudly pointing out the fancy brand which is more expensive than the one you had bought them?  (ugh, sigh…)  But forgiving them was easier when I imagined the slight was borne out of their need for attention and appreciation, not aimed at me.  Which of course is more than likely the case!  They needed the limelight, so I decided to love them and let it be.

I thought I was a pretty positive person, and was literally blown away after hearing the webinar “7 Day Mental Diet” exercise. I’ve started over five times today already, and I forgot to start over a couple times too!

The 2nd way I’m starting over is with the exercises and projects such as the poster and press release.  I’ve fallen behind and have a lot of catching up to do.  Others may be ahead of me, but I will do my best and not worry about who is more advanced in the process – it wouldn’t do me any good anyway.  To fall back on an old saying “better late than never!”

On to the next week – Love to all!


4 thoughts on “Week 8 – Starting Over – In More Ways Than One!

  1. marilynrholloway

    Great that you’re starting over with fresh insights and resolve. Way to go, Deirdre. I just wrote a brand new DMP — which means I’ve also had to re-write my Press Release and now I’m going to have to redo my Movie Poster etc. We’re in this together, sister!

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